Sega SJ-1 Virtua Fighter Edition (© Andrew)

SEGA Digio SJ1 King of Virtua Fighter 3 Edition (1997)

Sinvino's Java Tea is a popular drink in Japan and Sinvino teamed up with SEGA to sponsor some of the games like Virtua Fighter Kids. What does the Digio have to do with this you might ask, well this is a bit tricky but let me try to explain. A popular Sega Saturn game was released in 1996, the game became increasingly popular and to determine who the best player was, Sinvino sponsored an event called "Java Tea - Battle of Koshien - King of Virtua Fighter 3" that took place on 1997-07-27 in Tokyo's New Pier Hall. Allegedly some 50,000 participants where there, the event was taped and the highlights later released on VHS tape.

To either promote this event or as an limited edition, a Sega Digio camera has surfaced bearing the exact logo as the one from the event. It was marketed as the "Limited Edition Koshien model". To this day I have only come across one such model.

Thanks to Andrew for brining this to my attention and for assistance in picture material


  • Brand: Sega
  • Model: (DIGIO) SJ-1 'King of Virtua Fighter 3 Edition'
  • First mentioned: 1997
  • Marketed: yes
  • MSRP: -
  • Imager Type: 0.25MP 1/5" CCD
  • Resolution: 320x240
  • Internal Storage: -
  • External Storage: 0.5MB 5V Smart Media Card
  • Lens: F1.9 10mm Fixed Focus
  • Shutter: -
  • Aperture Range: F1.9 10mm Fixed Focus
  • LCD screen size: 0.7" TFT LCD Viewfinder
  • Size: 136 x 49 x 75.5mm
  • Weight: 230 gr.
  • Remarks: Will only power on when SM card is inserted

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