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Fuji MOS prototype (© Fujifilm Corp.)

Fuji MOS prototype (1985)

In 1985 Fuji showed this prototype at PMA '85. Inside the case was a powerful MOS sensor of 400K pixels resolution. The box had a zoom lens and some wires attached to it...

Fujix DS-1P (© Fujifilm Corporation)

Fujix DS-1P (1988)

This was the first digital consumer camera. Built jointly with Toshiba. This camera shook the very foundations of the analog camera lobby in 1988.

Fujix DS-H1 (© Fujifilm Corp.)

Fujix DS-H1 prototype (1991)

In 1991 Fuji showed their second prototype to the world. It was the predecessor of the later marketed Fujix DS-100....

Fujix DS-H2 (© Fujifilm Corp.)

Fujix DS-H2 prototype (1992)

Having successfully launched the DS-100, Fuji went on and demonstrated the DS-H2 In 1992. It was the predecessor of the later marketed Fujix DS-200F....

Fujifilm FinePix700 brochure (© Fujifilm)

Fujifilm FinePix700 Limited Edition (1998)

The Fuji MX-700 (or Finepix700 in Japan) has also been marketed as a limited edition in two different colors.

Fujifilm digital in-printer camera with instax mini printer (Stock photo © Fujifilm Corp.)

Fujifilm digital In-Printer camera (1998)

The prototype for the Fujifilm FinePix PR21. Shown at the Photokina '98, it consisted of a digital camera with a built-in printer

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