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Pentax Nexa (© Fotografare/AOHC)

Pentax Nexa (1983)

Several Photo Magazines printed an article in 1983 about this futuristic gadget

Pentax EI-? (© Fotografare Magazine/AOHC)

Pentax EI series prototype (1988)

In 1988 Pentax started with their EI camera product line with this unnamed model.

Pentax EI-C90 early prototype (© Popular Photography/Pentax)

Pentax EI-C90 (1996)

Pentax's first digital camera was very similar to that of the Ricoh RDC-1. It consisted out of two separate units, the camera itself and an attachable display.

Pentax EI-C90 rare black version (© Foto Magazin/Pentax)

Pentax EI-C90 black version (1997)

While researching I came across a picture of a black Pentax EI-C90. All EI-C90's I ever encountered were silver colored

Pentax MR52 digital SLR (© AOHC)

Pentax MZ-D (MR52) digital SLR (2000)

At the Photokina 2000, Pentax showcased a brand new digital SLR model. The camera had a magnesium alloy case

Pentax DigiBino 100 (© Imaging Resource)

Pentax Digibino 100 (2001)

This is the world's first pair of binoculars with integrated digital camera. The DigiBino 100

Pentax EI-3000 (© Pentax/AOHC)

Pentax EI-3000 (2001)

Shown at PMA '01. The camera was identical to the Pentax EI-2000 but instead came with a bigger sensor

Pentax Tottemo EG (© Chinabyte.com)

Pentax Tottemo EG (2001)

The Pentax Tottemo EG was the first single-use digital camera to hit the Japanese market

Pentax Twinz (© digineff.cz)

Pentax Twinz (2002)

Also conceived in 2002 and first shown at the Photokina 2006. The idea was to offer a small compac

Pentax AP 50th anniversary DSLR (© Impress Corporation)

Pentax AP 50th DSLR camera (2007)

Pentax had plans for a digital camera to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the original AP from 1957

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