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Ricoh DC-10 with SRAM card (© unknown)

Ricoh DC-10 (1992)

Ricoh showed this early prototype digital camera at the Photokina 1992.

Ricoh RX-78 (© Traxnada)

Ricoh DC-3G Limited Edition GUNDAM series (1998)

Celebrating the 20th anniversary of the popular Gundam franchise, Ricoh re-badged a DC-3G digital camera from 1997 in cooperation with the Sotsu Agency.

Ricoh DC-3G Aucnet (© digicammuseum.com)

Ricoh DC-3G AUCNET Edition (1998)

Somewhere in 1998 appeared a special edition of the Ricoh DC-3G, the so called AUCNET edition. My colleague Andrew from Australia pointed me towards this camera..

Ricoh RDC-5000 colors (© Ricoh Imaging Corp.)

Ricoh RDC-5000 Web Color Limited Edition (1999)

Ricoh revamped the popular RDC-5000 camera into 6 crazy, shiny colors.

FotoZap Marketing Camera (2009)

FotoZap Marketing Camera (2009)

The FotoZap marketing camera was a modified Ricoh Caplio 500SE-W and popular among a whole network of brands.

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