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1975 Kodak Prototype (© Kodak Eastman Corp.)

Kodak Prototype (1975)

Built in 1974/1975, the Kodak Prototype was kept a secret until 2001...

Kodak SV-8200 (© Kodak/Jahr top special Verlag)

Kodak SV8200 (1985/1987)

Shown at a Kodak System demonstration in New York. Kodak's first step into the still video market.

Kodak SV-8300 (© Pete Sucy)

Kodak SV8300 (1985/1987)

The Kodak Still Video Camera prototype. Built and demonstrated. It was designed to give an overview of a possible Still Video System concept.

Kodak DynamiX SciCan Dental Macro Camera (© Atlas Resell Management)

DynamiX digital macro camera (1996)

SciCan Corporation, a company founded in 1991, has pioneered cosmetic imaging technology in dentistry since 1996.

Kodak DC20 3D conversion (© David G Burder, FRPS)

Kodak DC20 3D version (1997)

David Burder, Technical Director of 3-D Images Ltd., launched the company's first 3-D Digital Stereo camera, at Focus '97, the UK's primary Photographic Imaging trade show

Kodak DC215 Metallics (© G. Eastman House)

Kodak DC215 Metallics (1999)

In 1999 Kodak launched the DC215 Zoom in a plain silver body. They also launched the DC215 Zoom Millennium in a gold colored body (for $100 more). Not too many still know that Kodak also had plans for the so-called 'DC215 Metallics'...

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