I've just looked through my archives and discovered so many rare stuff that I still have to plough through and, at some point, need to publish. Among all this stuff are very rare early solid state cameras by General Electric and Bell Labs, and also a still video prototype from Japan. There are pictures from early webcams by LG Electronics and Best Data and so much more. Unfortunately I completely lack time to work through it all but it won't be forgotten. Here's a little appetizer, a very rare and exclusive picture of the 1976 solid state camera by General Electric


After quite some time I finally managed to set up the downloads section. This was something I had in mind for a while new. Currently there are not that many items but it will grow over time. 


Just by sheer luck we were made aware of a very rare and very unique digital camera. Completely unknown to mankind. No trace of it on the internet, not even on the japanese pages. Almost no one knew about it, until it came to our attention.
That camera is a true milestone and one of a kind. When we saw it we were stunned, dumbstruck and speechless. Not only because we never would have thought that an OEM version existed but also because the technology inside this camera is absolutely unique!
So, see for yourself. 


It's been a while, yes. Other things in life have kept me busy. When you hear nothing from me then I am doing some cosmetic work on the website. I will soon come up with something new and spectacular though. So stay tuned.

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