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Casio DC-90 'Atsuko' (© Casio Corporation)

Casio DC-90 (1990)

Casio's VS-101 successor and QV-10 predecessor.

Early Casio QV-10 mockup model (© Casio)

Casio QV-10 mockup model (1992)

As written in the history section this is an early 1992 mockup model of what would become the commercially successfull Casio QV-10. Since it is a mockup there are no specs and techs.

Casio RS-20 (1993)

Casio RS-20 (1993)

During the development of the Casio QV-10 and having had extensive experience with the Casio DC-90  digital cameras, Casio thought of something unique.

Casio QV-10 skeleton version (© watch.impress.co.jp)

Casio QV-10 skeleton version (1994)

As written in the history section the Casio QV-10 underwent different changes in design before it was released in it's final form. I assume that this skeleton version was one of them. It was never marketed.

Sega SJ-1 prototype (© Impress Corporation)

Konami QV-11 Tokimeki Special Edition (1997)

Casio teamed up with Konami to sponsor some Sega Saturn video games and therefore marketed this rare special edition model..

Casio QV-3000 bluetooth camera (© digitalcamera.jp)

Casio QV-3000 bluetooth camera (2000)

At the CeBIT 2000 in Hanover, Germany, Casio announced their QV-3000ex digital camera and alongside with it this prototype

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