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Here are some very useful links that inspired or helped me over the past years. If you have a link I should add here or if you are a site owner and want your link removed please feel free to contact me.


Leading german website about digital cameras. Also one of the oldest, online since 1996. Great source for exploring german cameras. Tons of information. Unfortunately not at all complete. Lots of camera models are not listed and some have incomplete spec sheets, missing or mixed-up photos (e.g. they have a datasheet for a "Panasonic VDC 100" which simply does not exist and featured in the datasheet is a "Mustek MDC-800". Now, that's a total mix-up.

2. TARYN photo

This is the website of a photographer who's work I totally admire. I love her vivid colours and the way she sees things before she shoots them. Especially the galleries 'people'and 'nature' are eye catching!


Formerly Also one of the leading german websites about digital cameras and photography. Since they restructered the site, it became quite "cluttered". Better use their search engine.

4. Minolta RD-175

Useful site about the Minolta RD-175 / AGFA ActionCam. Has great info on how to clone a memory card to get the camera working without having to connect it to a computer.

5. Canon's Camera Museum

Yes, that's right. Canon also has a virtual museum site listing all digital camera models chronologically from the early still video cameras to the modern EOS DSLR's

6. EPI Centre Report on a 1998 Trade Show

Cute little 5-page relic from the nineties. It features a brief synopsis of a Trade Show held in early 1998 featuring information on a few cameras from that era. Nice to see the retro look websites had back then

7. EPI Centre's Digital Camera Reports

EPI Centre's digital camera reports. Highlights only the more commercial cameras from those days.

8. Kodak DCS Series

Brief information site about the popular Kodak DSC DSLR series. Well worth a look.

9. EPI Centre's PMA Report 1997

Brief report on the 1997' PMA Trade Show. Same look and feel as the above 1998 report.

10. Evolution of the digital camera

An eBay classifieds blog entry. Overviews like these can be found everywhere on the internet. But like all of them, they are very incomplete and poorly researched.

11. Digital Camera Reviews

Another site that has been around since the nineties. Features specs and techs, as well as reviews of all kinds of digital cameras.

12. Steve's Digicams

Steve's site has been around for ages, it features good research and specs about digital cameras. Although it is a high-ranked site, it only reviewed the more popular early digital cameras of the nineties (as most sites do)

13. Japanese Digital Camera Site

I don't know what else to call it. It's an interesting little site. Looks like it has been forgotten on someone's server. Although it is in japanese, it features some interesting cameras with specs and techs. Nice to look at, but you'll have to translate.

14. Cameras and their memory storage options

Synchrotech has a neat little list containing almost every digital camera and it's associated memory storage option. Good for research.

15. Rob Galbraith's Kodak AP NC2000 Site

One of the best sites on the Kodak AP NC2000(E) which is similar to the Kodak DSC 400 series and based on the Nikon N90(S) film cameras.


Digital camera review site. Has also been around since more than a decade, but also lacks tons of models and information.

17. Collectible Cameras

Cool place for the camera enhusiast to sell/buy cameras. Both film and digital. Although the digital section is rather limited. An alternative to eBay.

18. Vintage Shop

A site where you can buy all things vintage. Mostly cellular phones, but also some very nice digital cameras in good condition.

19. Lonestar Digital

A small digital photography information site that has been around since 1998.


20. Vintage digital pictures

A website with very old digital pictures made by vintage electronic still cameras.

21. The photographic community of Malaysia

This website is one of the oldest, it exists since 1997. This site has a LOT of useful and well researched information about analog and digital cameras.

22. Nikonweb

Jarle Aaslands' website about all things Nikon. Digital, SVC and 35mm cameras. Well researched, well written and a great source

23. Camera Museum Zierikzee

Whenever you are in Holland, please stop by the Camera Museum in Zierikzee. It's a small museum devoted to all things in photography. Unfortunately they need to close their doors due to the lack of visitors and support. So if you can help them, please don't hesitate.

24. Peter Sucy's personal history of digital imaging

Peter Sucy has worked quite some time for Kodak and he has made a timeline on his website about his personal view on digital imaging. Together with some great drawings, files and stories, he tells about his designs, his proposals and the experiences he has made there.

25. Old digital

A small site about vintage digital cameras with some nice shots. The site is growing over time.

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