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First Sony Mavica (Photo Sony)

Sony Mavica prototypes (1981 - 1983)

Here we have the second most famous prototype of all time. The Sony Mavica.

Sony MVC-5000 body (© B. Clarke)

Sony MVC-5000 US Army (1994)

The US Army used a special version of the ProMavica MVC-5000 during the Gulf war to transmit images right out of the combat zone. The so called Digital Imaging Set.

Sony Picture MD (© pc.watch.impress.co.jp)

Sony Picture MD (1996)

Sony introduced the MiniDisc Data in 1993 (see memory cards section). Since Sony was always VERY fond of their own storage media

Sony PC Card Camera (1996)

Sony PC Card Camera (1996)

Video and still pictures on notebooks have always been difficult in the mid 1990s. Too expensive, excessive CPU consumption have caused notebooks to stand in the shadows of more powerful desktop solution.

Sony DSC-F2 (1998)

Sony DSC-F2 (1998)

Sony introduced the DSC-F2 in 1997 with 4MB internal memory and no memory card expansion slot. Comdex Fall '98 showed a prototype..

Sony MVC-FD81 'Sony Open Edition' (1999)

Sony MVC-FD81 'Sony Open Edition' (1999)

Sony published a 'Sony Open' edition for the 1999 Hawaii games..

Sony Photo ID Camera (1999)

Sony Photo ID Camera (1999)

The Sony Photo ID camera was shown alongside some other Photo ID systems at the PMA '99.

Sony Pen Cam (© Juergen Specht)

Sony Pen Cam (2000)

Among their 2000 portfolio there also was this Pen Cam.

Sony Memory Stick DUO digital camera (© Impress Corporation)

Sony Miniature Digital DUO camera (2000)

Shown also on fairs like Intel Developer Forum 2000 Sony highlighted a small digital camera prototype

Sony Credit Card Cam (© Juergen Specht)

Sony credit card camera (2000)

To promote their fairly new Memory Stick, Sony showcased some prototype digital cameras at Ceatec 2000 in Tokyo, Japan

Sony Hi-MD camera concept (© Impress Corporation)

Sony Hi-MD camera (2004)

In 2004 Sony announced the introduction of the Hi-MD, a Mini-Disc that could store 1GB of data

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