World's Firsts


In every technology there are inventions and innovations that were the World's Firsts. Let's take a look at some of the World's firsts in digital cameras (from here on called DC).

1973 Fairchild MV-100 -World's first commercial CCD camera (yes, 99.9% of all Google results are wrong)
1975 Kodak prototype -World's first hand-held, DC
1980 Sony XC-1 -World's first commercialized color CCD camera

1985 Canon CI-10 - A digital camera that became the world's first action cam
1985 Kodak SV8200 - First still camera in the world with built-in miniature cathode-ray tube
1986 Videk MegaPlus - World's first megapixel class DC

1986 MegaVision Tessera - World's first commercially available, professional DC system
1987 Kodak EO -World's first digital single lens reflex camera
1988 Fujix DS-1P - World's first consumer DC with re-usable flash memory cards
1989 Toshiba IMC-100 - World's first OEM DC model
1989 Fujix DS-X - World's first consumer DC that was marketed
1990 Dycam Model I - World's first DC sold outside of Japan and first DC that came with a docking station
1990 King Jim DaVinci DV55 - World's first DC with built-in thermal printer
1991 Logitech Fotoman FM-1 - World's first DC sold in Europe
1991 Fujix DS-100 - World's first DC with 3x optical zoom and world's first to adopt the new SRAM memory cards
1992 Kodak DCS 200 - World's first integrated model with a CCD sensor
1992 Kodak DCS 200 High Speed Target Camera - World's first mirror-less digital camera with F-mount
1993 Fujix DS-200F - World's first digital camera to adopt a battery-free memory card
1994 Olympus Deltis VC-1100 - World's first DC with built-in transmission function by using an internal modem and an external phone line
1994 Rhythm Watch Visimo - World' first DC with a built-in LCD screen
1994 VLSI Vision PC Card Camera - World' first first fully integrated PCMCIA video camera
1995 Ricoh RDC-1 - World's first DC with video recording possibility and world's first digital camera that could be controlled with an IR remote controller
1995 Toshiba Pro-Shot PDR-100 - World's first DC with a modem
1995 Casio QV-10 - World's first DC with an LCD screen
1995 Fujix DS-220 - World's first DC that used a Lithium ION battery
1995 Fujix DS-505 - World's first DSLR to achieve full angle of view
1995 Minolta RD-175 / Agfa ActionCam - World's first DC and DSLR with three imaging sensors and world's smallest and lightest DSLR
1996 Canon PowerShot 600 - World's first consumer DC to support Type III PC Cards
1996 Obsidian Imaging IC/100 - World' first DC with integrated anti-tampering software
1996 Ricoh RDC-2S - World's first DC to allow direct transmission with a mobile phone through PHS without the use of a modem
1996 Kodak DVC300 - World's first USB device
1996 Kodak DC25 - World's first DC to support Compact Flash Cards
1996 SciCan's Dynamix Macro Digital Camera - World's first DC specifically made for dentistry
1996 Hitachi MP-EG1 - World's first DC with MPEG video output
1996 Nikon Coolpix 300 - World's first DC with Touchscreen
1996 Polaroid PDC-2000 - World's first (consumer) DC with sonar autofocus
1996 Sharp MD-PS1 - World's first DC with Minidisc support
1996 Orion DigiSnap DS21 - World's first DC with a 3" screen
1996 Sony DSC-F1 - World's first DC with built-in infrared transceiver
1996 Fujifilm DS-7 - World's first DC that utilized Smart Media cards
1997 Konica Q-EZ - World's first DC to support Intel's Flash Miniature Card
1997 Sega Digio HDC-1000 - World's first DC to be marketed in different body colors (closely followed by the Ricoh DC-3)
1997 Fuji DS-10S - World's first DC especially built and sold as a Limited Edition (3,000 units)
1997 Panasonic PV-DC1080 - World's smallest DC with an 1.8" LCD screen and removable memory
1997 SoundVision SVmini-209 - World's first DC with a CMOS sensor instead of a CCD
1997 Mitsubishi DJ-1000 / Umax PhotoRun - World's slimmest DC
1997 NEC PC-DC200 - World's smallest DC at the time and first DC in the world that could be operated with only two AA-batteries
1997 HP PhotoSmart / Konica Q-EZ - World's first and only DC's that used Intel's Miniature Card
1998 Minolta RD-3000 - World's first DSLR and DC with two half-mirrored prisms, so that the entering light would illuminate two separate CCD sensors
1998 Kodak DC220/260 - World's first DC's that allowed user manipulation of the camera's OS through uploadable scripts
1998 Olympus C-2000 Zoom - World's first 2 Megapixel DC
1998 Canon PowerShot Pro70 - World's first DC to feature a Compact Flash Card Type II slot
1999 Agfa ePhoto CL-30 Clik! - World's first and only DC with built-in Iomega Clik! Drive
1999 Fujifilm FinePix PR21 - World's first DC with built-in color printer
1999 Panasonic PV-SD4090 - World's first DC to use the 120MB SuperDisk
1999 Minolta 3D 1500 - World's first 3D consumer digital camera
1999 Sharp VN-EZ1 - World's first, smallest and lightest to adopt the then new MPEG-4 standard
1999 Casio QV-8000SX - World's first digital camera to feature a bulb exposure time of 64 seconds
1999 Kodak DC215 Zoom - World's smallest megapixel digital camera
1999 Samsung SDC-007 - World's first DC with a foldable and rotating LCD screen
1999 Olympus C-21T.commu - World's first two megapixel DC with built-in transmission function
2000 Sanyo IDC-1000Z - World's first and only DC to use the Sanyo ID Photo Disk
2000 Panasonic PV-DC3000 iPalm- World's first DC with SD memory card slot
2000 Vivitar Digi35- World's first DSC camera with high quality 35mm hardcopy output
2001 Pentax Digibino 100 - World's first DC incorporated into a pair of binoculars
2012 IKEA Knäppa PS2012 - World's first DC entirely made of cardboard

This list is work in progress and will grow over time.....


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