A lot has been going on the past few months and were not lazy. We have added tons of digital and still video cameras to our website and are now up to 95% complete. It is so good to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Only a handful more models and the initial database of our website is complete.
After that we will only be adding unknown digital and still video cameras, rarities or prototypes.
We will also update the landing pages so it will be easier for you to navigate, so stay tuned!


Our success story continues! Recently we presented the extremely rare Pentax DM-1100 and we were pretty sure that we would not find something new so soon. We were dead wrong. Not one but two new models have found their way on our website. We are therefore proud to be the first website to give you the previously unknown:


Fujix DS-300T:


and Fujix DS-300TH:


and this is not the end as we still have a few more unknown cameras on our To-Do list which we will present in given time!


Over the years we have unearthed dozens of formerly unknown digital cameras, rarities and oddities and we continue to amaze. One of my esteemed colleagues managed to present us with yet another novelty which was completely unknown to any collector. We are proud to be the first website on the entire internet to present the the Pentax DM-1100.



Some of you may have seen that there is a newly discovered gadget floating around and certain people, with hardly any knowledge on the subject, are in fact creating a hype about it. Yes, they even try to make a fortune with it on eBay. Obviously I am talking about the Casio CP-300 CCD camera. So I have been kindly asked to debunk it. Therefore I teamed up with a colleague of mine and we did some indepth research and came up with some demystifying information. We also have received information from Casio Corp. to back this up. Check it out.
p.s. can't wait to see what the 'profiteers' have to say about it ;-)


Breaking News! The Rollei SL 2000 F Still Video Prototyp turned out not to be a still video device after all! After receiving some intel I revised the entry on our website. Be the first to check it out!

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