Minor edits to the History section. Minor edits to the Prototype section. Addes a few 360° shots. Working hard on the german version of the website....


Added 1982 to the History section. It's all about patents that got shelved....


I've started publishing selected digital cameras to the new DIGICAM section. This is certainly the biggest chunk of work ever and will take a serious amount of time to finish. So I will publish them one by one as I see fit. I've added a timeline to the left side of that page for easier browsing, there you can also find the 360° button which is the sole reason why I wanted to do this project in the first place. To give an accurate 360° view of selected cameras. That should give the viewer the feeling of properly viewing an exhibit. Please check back often. Thanks... (Not an April Fool's message here)


After some reconsideration the best solution for the digital camera section would be to publish the cameras in small portions. This way the audience can see some models while I can work on the rest of them in the background. So I will be posting some cameras from time to time. Please check back frequently.


Today is the re-launch of digicammuseum.com. I have improved the website in many ways. Mostly in design. Here is a list of things that have been added or expanded:

- HISTORY page has been spell checked, errors corrected and many entries and images added
- CAMERA has to appear OFFLINE as it will take another 6 months to finish it, sorry for that but 400 cameras is a LOT of work
- ESVC section added for all Still Video Cameras from 1981 - 1996. For the first time ever in the history of the internet with correct information and dates!
- OEM models finally finished and online - you WILL be amazed!
- MEMORYCARDS page expanded
- PROTOTYPES page heavily expanded with new prototypes
- added SEARCHBOX for conveniently browsing through my content
- revamped the LINKS page with miniature previews of the linked content
- added some entries to the FUN FACTS page
- added the WORLD FIRSTS page so readers can see right away which cameras were a world's first in their corresponding categories (will grow accordingly to my camera page)
- added the SALES list for items I want to sell or trade
- added the HELP! page because even I need some help from time to time

Thanks for reading!

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