Today is the re-launch of digicammuseum.com. I have improved the website in many ways. Mostly in design. Here is a list of things that have been added or expanded:

- HISTORY page has been spell checked, errors corrected and many entries and images added
- CAMERA has to appear OFFLINE as it will take another 6 months to finish it, sorry for that but 400 cameras is a LOT of work
- ESVC section added for all Still Video Cameras from 1981 - 1996. For the first time ever in the history of the internet with correct information and dates!
- OEM models finally finished and online - you WILL be amazed!
- MEMORYCARDS page expanded
- PROTOTYPES page heavily expanded with new prototypes
- added SEARCHBOX for conveniently browsing through my content
- revamped the LINKS page with miniature previews of the linked content
- added some entries to the FUN FACTS page
- added the WORLD FIRSTS page so readers can see right away which cameras were a world's first in their corresponding categories (will grow accordingly to my camera page)
- added the SALES list for items I want to sell or trade
- added the HELP! page because even I need some help from time to time

Thanks for reading!


Archived news:

01.02.2015      ok, I can now see that the camera section of the new site will take up another six months at least. So I will launch the revamped website in a couple of weeks with the camera section offline. Everything else is finished and there will be enough new material to read.
01.11.2014      Only the camera site to go. Everything else is finished....
18.09.2014      Working hard on the new site and while researching I have unearthed a lot of previously unknown digital cameras. I've also received some great inside news that will be published on the internet for the very first time ever! So please be patient for a little while longer it will totally be worth it!
30.07.2014      Added the 120MB Super Disk to the card section (almost missed that one tz tz tz).
07.07.2014      Currently migrating to another CMS system. This takes up all of my time. Also working on new content. Thanks for your patience.
02.05.2014      New information about the Fujifilm MX-700BK added in the prototype/rarities section
30.04.2014      Made some additions to the Memory Cards section
08.04.2014      Revised all entries about the Toshiba IMC-100
07.04.2014      Eugene Lally (yes, the inventor of digital photography!) was kind enough to talk to Clickers & Flickers magazine about my website. It's printed in Vol. XXVIII, No. 3, Winter/Spring 2014.
21.03.2014      added a custom search box to the main page so you don't have to scroll through everything to find what you are looking for, the results will open in a new window/tab
21.03.2014      Prototypes & Rarities section now online.....!
18.03.2014      Prototypes & Rarities deadline is set to march, 21st! It's worth the wait since I will show some prototypes and pictures never ever seen before on the internet!
10.03.2014      Made small changes to the history section, added a picture of the first CCD camera ever that Smith & Boyle built. Added the Fun Facts page for trivia.
06.03.2014      The prototype & rarities section is scheduled for next week. That category alone will cover roundabout 80 cameras from 1975 - 2012.
05.03.2014      The guestbook is now up and running. Please feel free to leave comments about your experience/impression of my work.
27.02.2014      The final version of the website logo has arrived and has been implemented.
15.01.2014      Temporarely switched to new design to get the site back on it's feet.
15.11.2013      The site is offline again due to irregular site behaviour when watching on smaller screens or reduced window sizes.
11.11.2013      The site is now online. The three main sections, cameras, prototypes & rarities and OEM cameras are still offline and I am currently working on them. These sections spawn some 500+ subpages so please be patient and check back regularly.


Complete website makeover started...

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