We are proud to be the first website on the internet to post a review on the extremely rare 1990 Sony ProMavica MVC-2010!


Please go to the History section of this website and check out some world exclusive news about Kodak's first CCD camera from 1974!


It's always worth it to check out our main website www.digicammuseum.com , because our main site is more up to date than this one. Yesterday I've made a new entry there about the Fairchild Model CCD1310 camera for instance. It will be here on this site in a short time.


Sorry for the slow updates but I have so many rarities and prototypes I still need to publish but time is not on my side right now. I can only serve them to you bit by bit so check back often for news. Right now check out the History section to discover the world's first CCD Night Vision camera!

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