Sony ProMavica MVC-2010 (1990)

We are extremely proud to be the first ones on the internet to announce one of the rarest still video cameras of all time. The Sony ProMavica MVC-2010. We know that Sony marketed the ProMavica MVC-2000 in 1989 but only one year later they also marketed a follow-up version of this model, called the MVC-2010. The MVC-2010 was almost completely identical to the MVC-2000 but with a few minor differences due to complaints from MVC-2000 users.

First of all, this rare model was not intended for reporters, journalists or home consumers but for industrial and medical purposes (but not limited to those fields). So what happened? Sony marketed their first Mavica still video camera in 1987, the MVC-A7AF. This camera had the possibility to record sound annotations (up to 9.6 sec.) and an external microphone could be connected. As with the MVC-A7AF and the MVC-2000, the lens of the MVC-2010 was not interchangeable. Users who bought the MVC-2000 quickly complained about these missing audio features. To them it was nothing more than the MVC-A7AF with Hi-VF recording minus the audio features. Sony had to act.

So, the most amazing part of the MVC-2010 is the fact that this camera is the merger of two other Mavica models, the MVC-A7AF with it's audio features and the MVC-2000 with it's Hi-VF recording. The back of the MVC-2010 is completely identical with the back of the MVC-A7AF (but with additional Hi-VF logo). The rest of the camera body resembles the MVC-A7AF and MVC-2000. It also has the same lens as the two afore mentioned Mavicas.

To sum it up, as the MVC-2000 came out users deeply missed the audio recording features of the MVC-A7AF and Sony quickly decided to put them in the MVC-2000 and market it as the MVC-2010. In my opinion the MVC-2010 is a far better camera than the MVC-2000.

The added audio recording features included the possibility to manually record audio annotations of up to 9.6 seconds, the possibility to manually or automatically record audio clips and the possibility to plug in an external power microphone. Of course the famous Sony still video flash MFL-30 could be used with all three models.

I may repeat myself here but this camera is so scarce that only this ample information is available. This is the first write-up of this rare camera on the entire internet. If someone else has more information please don't hesitate to contact me.


  • Brand: Sony
  • Model: ProMavica MVC-2010
  • First mentioned: 1990
  • Marketed: yes
  • MSRP: -
  • Imager Type: 0.38MP 2/3" interline CCD
  • Resolution: -
  • Internal Storage: -
  • External Storage: Hi-VF Disk
  • Lens: f=12-72mm /F1.4
  • Shutter: -
  • Aperture Range: F1.4
  • LCD screen size: -
  • Size: -
  • Weight: -
  • Remarks: -

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