Pentax EI-3000 (© Pentax/AOHC)

Pentax EI-3000 (2001)

Shown at PMA '01. The camera was identical to the Pentax EI-2000 but instead came with a bigger sensor. The camera was developed jointly with HP. You can see the similarity to the HP 912. The camera was cancelled before it went into mass production. The reason was simple. Although Pentax and HP developed the Pentax EI-2000, HP made it clear that they did not want to be involved anymore in the development of the EI-3000. For a brief moment it looked like Pentax was going to develop and market the EI-3000 on their own but decided against it because it would have been to costly. A prototype of this camera found it's way on eBay and was sold in August of 2013 for a measley $50.


  • Marke: Pentax
  • Modell: EI-3000
  • Zuerst erwähnt: 2001
  • Vermarktet: no
  • UVP: -
  • Bildsensortyp: 3.43MP 2/3" CCD
  • Auflösung: 2000x1600
  • Interner Speicher: -
  • Externer Speicher: Compact Flash I/II
  • Objektiv: F1/2.5 to F3.9
  • Verschlusszeiten: 1/1,000s to 4s
  • Blenden: F2.5 - F11.0 (wide) and F3.9 to F17.3 (zoom)
  • LCD Größe: 2" TFT
  • Maße: 144mm x 91mm x 105mm
  • Gewicht: 600 grams
  • Anmerkungen: -