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Panasonic VZ-XP1 (© Impress Corporation)

Panasonic VZ-XP1 (1996)

Shown at Comdex Fall 1996. This was the prototype for the NV-DCF1 and also an OEM model for the Canon PowerShot 350 and Konica Q-Mini.

Panasonic NV-DC1000 GOLD (1998)

Panasonic NV-DC1000 GOLD (1998)

Auf der MacWorld Expo 1998 in Tokyo konnte man einen Blick werden auf einer speziellen Ausführung der Panasonic NV-DC1000 (New Coolshot II LK-RQ35ZZ in Japan) in GOLD.

Panasonic Super D-Cam LK-RQ334S (© Impress Corp.)

Panasonic Super D-Cam (2000)

Announced November 2000. The Sanyo Super D-Cam inititally was in a silver body color and had the internal model number LK-RQ132S. The silver version only had a 1.3MP CCD. Before the silver version was marketed, Sanyo increased