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Downloads - Spec sheets

Welcome to the downloads section. This is a novelty on this website and currently we only have some common and rare spec sheets of some of the cameras features on this website. If this was a good idea then we may expand this over time.

Please bear a few things in mind before downloading:
1. We offer these brochures only for educational purposes
2. We are not responsible for whatever you do with the brochures after you have downloaded them
3. We do not endorse any criminal activities like copying, redistribution, unlawful sale or reproduction
4. Brochures come in different languages, some may only be in german, some only in japanese

Agfa (1)

Apple (1)

Canon (2)

Casio (2)

Epson (6)

Fujifilm (9)

Fujix (6)

Kodak (11)

Konica (1)

Largan (1)

Leica (2)

Minolta (2)

Mustek (1)

NEC (1)

Nikon (3)

Olympus (2)

Praktica (1)

Pretec (2)

Rollei (2)

Sony (5)

Trust (1)

Videk (1)

Vivitar (4)

Yashica (1)