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Sanyo SVC-05 (© Sanyo/Bonnier corp.)

Sanyo SVC-05 (1989)

A point and shoot still video camera from Sanyo.

1997 Fisher FVD-V1 front (© digicammuseum.com)

(Sanyo) Fisher FVD-V1 (1998)

Now this is a strange one, many digital camera enthusiasts believed that this camera was either a prototype or a footnote in a magazine or never existed. It did

Sanyo ID photo disc prototype (© Impress Corp.)

Sanyo ID shot prototypes (2000)

At the Mac World Expo 2000 exhibition, Sanyo demonstrated two early prototype digital cameras to support their newly introduced ID photo disk. The models were just mock-ups but the intention was clear that a digital camera had to follow that would use the photo disk.