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Various Brands

Poynting Products FS-2025 (© Michael Belanger)

Poynting Products FS-2505 (1984)

In 1984 Poynting Products successfully combined a GE TN-2505 CCD camera with a DRAM memory module, producing what could be one of the first commecially available...

MOS VSCC (© Ron Volmershausen)

MOS VSCC (1989)

The MOS VSCC (Video Still Combined Camera System) was a hybrid film/video system

Medium Format Still Video Prototype (1990)

Medium Format Still Video Prototype (1990)

German designer Holger Weyer created and built a prototype for his concept study of a medium format 6x6 still video camera. The camera was sort of a modular camera and had a lot of potential.

Nexus Concept Study (1990)

Nexus Concept Study (1990)

At the height of the still video camera era and whilst striving for the perfect camera design Andreas Fiol designed the Nexus. His prime goal was to move away from standard camera designs in black and white.

VTech MagiCam prototype (© VTech)

VTech MagiCam prototype (1999)

Back in the days when digital cameras for kids were rare, VTech came up with this one. It was first demonstrated at the Nuremburg Toyfair in Germany in 1999. It could also connect to the VTech IQ learning computers.

Express Office Automation KC1.0 (© Impress Corp.)

Express Office Automation Kc1.0 Prototype (2000)

Shown at Comdex Fall 2000. An unknown company from Hong Kong showcased this digital camera. I don't think the strong resemblence to an existing Fujifilm camera is a coincedence. The companies name is Express Office Automation and this was their first model.

T.N.C.Industrial TiNyCam DV 300U (© Impress Corp.)

T.N.C. Industrial TiNyCam DV300U (2000)

Discovered at Computex Taipei 2000. This strange looking prototype reminded me of the  Toshiba Digital Eye prototype. Simply because I have never seen a digital camera in this shape. But even for 2000 standards..

Adtec LiVE RC35 (© Impress Corp.)

Various Prototypes (2000)

Comdex Fall 2000 saw the rise of the no-name lo-res entry level digital cameras. Mostly Korean manufacturers suddenly showcased a motherload of small and cheap CMOS digital cameras. The majority however never saw the light of day. Here is a little gallery of those nifty little buggers.

DataPlay digital camera prototype (© Impress Corp.)

DataPlay Digital Camera Prototype (2001)

Shown at CES 2001. In 2001 a new means of storage was introduced to the market. The DataPlay Disc. A small optical disc that could store 250 and 500MB of data. You can see it in the Memory Cards section. The company DataPlay Inc. also demonstrated a

Combined Film and Digital Camera (© unknown)

Combined film and digital camera (2006)

Some time in 2006 a digital camera surfaced on eBay. It was a digital camera and a 35mm film camera combined

Nova DSLR (© Erin Fong/Marc Serr)

Nova DSLR (2009)

In 2009 Erin Fong designed an entirely new DSLR concept. This camera takes different forms

DigiPod and inventor James Jackson (© Newsquest)

DigiPod (2013)

After Silicon Films totally failed to market the electronic film and all other hybrid cameras were either shelved or well... sucked