Sony MVC-FD51 (1998)

 The Sony MVC-FD51 was announced on 1998-06-03 together with the MVC-FD71. The camera was equipped with 2x Floppy disk drive speed and the MVC-FD71 received a super small 10x optical zoom lens. The cameras now featured special recording modes like sepia and negative special effects. Writing speed was also reduced by 40% so the recording of an image only took 6 seconds. Initial production volume was set at 5,000 units per month.
Although both models were announced and released at the same time, both cameras had different image sensors. The MVC-FD71 for instance had a 0.35MP progressive CCD and the MVC-FD51 a 0.41MP interlaced CCD.


  • Brand: Sony
  • Model: MVC-FD51
  • First mentioned: 1998
  • Marketed: yes
  • MSRP: $599
  • Imager Type: 0.41MP 1/4" CCD
  • Resolution: 640x480
  • Internal Storage: -
  • External Storage: 3.5" Floppy Diskette
  • Lens: f=4.8mm /F2.0
  • Shutter: electronic shutter
  • Aperture Range: F2.0
  • LCD screen size: 2.5" LCD
  • Size: 126.5 x 110.5 x 62.5mm
  • Weight: 470 gr.
  • Remarks: -

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