Rollei Digital Scan Back (1990)

Rollei demonstrated a digital Scan Back for the Rollei 6000 camera range at the Photokina 1990. There are different names out there like "Scan Back", "Scan Pack", "Digital Back", "Scan Body" which makes it difficult to find the correct model name.

It attached to the camera like a regular film back but instead it contained a 5MP CCD which was driven between rails to cover an area 45x35mm resulting in an 6400x5000 pixel image with a filesize of 32MB. Sounded great but the system was only suitable for still objects because a quick scan took 20 seconds (8MB) and a high quality scan in full color 150 seconds! The data could be send to either an Apple Macintosh or an IBM PC.

Rollei also introduced the "professional SRC 1000". A scan remote control which could be attached to the Scan Pack and gave you more control over the shutter speed etc. Since most major digital backs by Leaf, PhaseOne and others came out in 1992 or later, the Rollei is pretty much the first digital camer back that came out.


  • Brand: Rollei
  • Model: Digital Scan Back
  • First mentioned: 1990
  • Marketed: yes in 1991
  • MSRP: $19,000
  • Imager Type: 5MP CCD
  • Resolution: 6400x5000
  • Internal Storage: -
  • External Storage: external hard disk
  • Lens: -
  • Shutter: -
  • Aperture Range: -
  • LCD screen size: -
  • Size: -
  • Weight: -
  • Remarks: -

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