Kodak DCS 410 (© Michael)

Kodak DCS 410c (1994)

The Kodak DCS 410c was a 1994 model and could only shoot one image at a time. The Kodak DCS 4xx series is widely covered on the internet so there is actually nothing useful I can add to that. The analog body was a Nikon N90(s) or FX-90(s). The camera would take PCMCIA flash AT cards, a 105MB card could for instance store 2-3 hours of audio when no pictures were taken (imagine the possibilities!).

Only this version was marketed.

From here I'd like to point you to MIR's great site:

Image © Michael


  • Brand: Kodak
  • Model: DCS 410c
  • First mentioned: 1994
  • Marketed: yes
  • MSRP: $7,995
  • Imager Type: Kodak M5 CCD
  • Resolution: 1012x1524
  • Internal Storage: 1MB buffer memory
  • External Storage: PC Card Type II/III
  • Lens: Nikon F-mount lenses
  • Shutter: electronic shutter
  • Aperture Range: lens dependent
  • LCD screen size: -
  • Size: 208 x 170 x 114mm
  • Weight: 1,700 gr.
  • Remarks: -

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