Fellow collectors, camera enthusiasts and tech buffs. It has been a while since the last news update so here we go. We have been improving our website a little so it is in full accordance with the GDPR (General Data Privacy Regulation) and therefore the EU-DSGVO (European GDPR). There is a banner at the bottom of our website telling you so. We also added SSL to the website so you know you are on a secure site. We do not hide behind some outdated or misinterpreted laws, rules or regulations as some competitors do ('oh look, here is the Freedom of Information Act, so we can do whatever we want and whenever we want! Everything on the web is ours and we treat is as such!). No, this is a completely foolish approach when it comes to applicable laws and we do not condone nor support such radical behaviour. We respect every law which applies to delivering digital content and handling website data. We strife to be a safe and secure website and giving you the most pleasant experience you can have while browsing our content.
Having said this we are now adding more and more digital cameras, rarities and oddities to the website then ever before. Funny enough it has come to our attention that claims are being made that our website is so insignificant that it does not show up in any of the major ranking services. To be honest, we totally do not care about site rankings but we do care about SEO/SER. We own over a dozen domain names and meanwhile we rank #1 in most of Google's search results for vintage digital cameras (e.g. when you Google for the Fujix ES-1 or Fujix ES-20 we show up as first in search result and these are just two examples). So, while others gloat and brag about their website statistics, we lean back and enjoy the show and we certainly hope that you, dear visitor, can make the distinction.
One of the latest entries, thanks to my buddy Andrew from down under, is the extremely rare red Gundam Ricoh DC-3G. Check out how beautiful vintage digital cameras can actually be.

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