Ricoh RDC-4200 (1998)

The Ricoh RDC-4200 was announced in 1998. In Japan the camera was simply called DC-4 and there were three versions of the camera, the DC-4, DC-4T and DC-4U. None of these versions made it outside of Japan, so it's only the RDC-4200 for everyone else. The differences were:
Ricoh DC-4  - normal release, could handle 3.3V and 5V Smart Media cards
Ricoh DC-4T - cheaper model, could only handle 3.3V SM cards, no sound recording, only 2x zoom, only 1.8" LCD, no audio interface, darker body color
Ricoh DC-4U - same as DC-4T but with add. 2x digital zoom, B/W and Sepia mode, interval shooting, PC connection possible

The image data of this megapixel machine has a large amount of information, so processing accuracy and speed are required accordingly.
Ricoh developed a "pseudo color reduction algorithm" that determines luminance information of image data captured in CCD. Moreover, in order to reproduce the color closer to the appearance, they used glue color technology accumulated so far. With color matching theory based on these new theories, it could reproduce more faithfully to the subject.
A disadvantage of the electronic shutter that electrically cuts the signal is the extra light ingress. In order to compensate for this drawback, the RICOH RDC-4200 employs a dual information capturing control system with a mechanical shutter that physically shuts off light and creates darkness. High quality image rendering power with high precision that could not be obtained with conventional electronic shutter can be obtained.
The RDC-4200 also featured convenient voice recording mode with 8 seconds voice memo attached to captured image data. It could also be used as a voice memo. A remote control unit was supplied with the camera. Macro mode, zoom mode, seven image quality modes, character recording mode, fully automatic flash system and swivel lens.
The RDC-4200 was also licensed to Philips and marketed as the Philips ESP-80.
Above you can see images of the three japanese versions. The brochure is © Ricoh Imaging Corp. and the DC-4U is © K.Minato


  • Brand: Ricoh
  • Model: RDC-4200
  • First mentioned: 1998
  • Marketed: yes
  • MSRP: $799
  • Imager Type: 1.32MP 1/3" CCD
  • Resolution: 1280x960
  • Internal Storage: -
  • External Storage: Smart Media
  • Lens: 3x Zoom f5.6-16.8mm
  • Shutter: 1/500s - 1s
  • Aperture Range: F2.8 - F4.7 /f5.6-16.8mm
  • LCD screen size: 2" TFT
  • Size: 136.5 x 64 x 34mm
  • Weight: 285 gr.
  • Remarks: -

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