Minolta Dimage EX 1500 (1998)

Following the Minolta Dimage V and it's modular system, Minolta marketed the Dimage EX in 1998. This time the camera was really versatile. Minolta not only offered a detachable wide and zoom lens but also an external flash adapter with a dedicated flash strobe FL-EX1. The flash adapter and flash strobe are very rare and hard to find these days. The most common version is the zoom lens. Everything was detachable and could be extended with an external cable.

Minolta adopted Digita as the OS and providing the extended interface "EX digital bus", with that they aimed this to become a full-fledged system camera. As an option, corresponding to the "EX digital bus", they provided adapters and the like which could connect an external flash oder lens. Minolta also planned a general video light and the possibility to install a CCD with higher pixel resolution but none of these were ever realised.
Somewhat later the camera was revamped and re-issued as "Version II" which now included:

- new digital magnification function
- increased burst rate
- smoother motion in live images
- internal flash switch off
- flash bracketing function
- white balance custom setting
- improved custom script function
- change in bracketing increments
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  • Brand: Minolta
  • Model: Dimage EX 1500
  • First mentioned: 1998
  • Marketed: yes
  • MSRP: $799 (without addons)
  • Imager Type: 1.5MP 1/2" Sony CCD
  • Resolution: 1344x1008
  • Internal Storage: -
  • External Storage: Compact Flash Card
  • Lens: 7 - 21mm f/3.5 – 5.6 (zoom) / 5.2mm f/1.9 (wide)
  • Shutter: 2s - 1/4,000s
  • Aperture Range: depends on the lens
  • LCD screen size: 2" LCD
  • Size: 127.5 x 67.5 x 58.5mm (zoom) / 127.5 x 67.5 x 62.5mm (wide)
  • Weight: 310 gr. (zoom) / 340 gr. (wide)
  • Remarks: -

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