Kodak DC80 (1999)

This is surely one of the more sought-after Kodak compact digital cameras. It's the Kodak DC80 and was marketed only in Japan. The camera was an entry level digital camera intended for web applications hence the low resolution of only 640x480 pixels (could be interpolated to 1024x768 though). The camera was delivered with PC connection kit and software so one could directly start shooting and uploading pictures. An optical viewfinder, internal flash, stylish design and a 'distortion-free high-performance optical glass lens' made this camera a cute gadget.

This was the first Kodak device to incorporate Sierra Imaging's Raptor(TM) embedded imaging chipset and Sierra's highly acclaimed Image Expert(TM) software. This deal with Sierra plus the fact that it was only sold in Japan leads me to believe that Kodak wanted to see how a camera with this features would do on the market. If it would have sold well enough, maybe we would have seen or heard more of this model or maybe even seen some successors. During my time as a collector I've only come across a few such cameras.  

Another interesting fact is that this camera is made in Taiwan and not in Japan as all other Kodak digital cameras.


  • Brand: Kodak
  • Model: DC80
  • First mentioned: 1999
  • Marketed: yes (in Japan only)
  • MSRP: $498
  • Imager Type: 0.33MP 1/3" CCD
  • Resolution: 640x480
  • Internal Storage: -
  • External Storage: Compact Flash
  • Lens: F4.0
  • Shutter: 1/30s - 1/1,000s
  • Aperture Range: F4.0
  • LCD screen size: 1.8" TFT
  • Size: 132 x 78 x 46.5mm
  • Weight: 260 gr.
  • Remarks: -

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