Canon RC-470 (© unknown)

Canon RC-470 (1988)

The Canon RC-470. Demonstrated at the Photokina 1988. Only a few months before, the 40+ companies implemented the Hi-Band standard. The Canon RC-470 was jointly developed with Panasonic (they delivered the optics for the camera). The RC-701 was marketed a year later in 1989 and targeted at realtors, insurance agents and professionals who needed a fast TV image. It featured infrared autofocus, programmable auto-exposure, built-in flash unit, field- and frame recording, automatic white balance and Hi Band mode. An incredible 20 frames per second was also possible (5 more than it's equivalent the Panasonic AG-ES 10).

Needless to say that the RC-470 got more press attention than the AG-ES 10. A year after market introduction Canon introduced a Professional Still Video Imaging Kit for $4,899 that included the RC-470, the FV-540 SV floppy disk drive and SV scan software. The FV-540 could be hooked up to a Macintosh computer via SCSI, then would read the video floppy disks, digitize the images in gray-scale, black and white or color and present them on screen.


  • Brand: Canon
  • Model: RC-470
  • First mentioned: 1988
  • Marketed: yes in 1989
  • MSRP: $3,000
  • Imager Type: 0.36MP 1/2" CCD
  • Resolution: -
  • Internal Storage: -
  • External Storage: Hi-VF Disk
  • Lens: f=9mm /F2.0 and f=16mm /F2.5 (equiv. to 48-86mm)
  • Shutter: -
  • Aperture Range: F2.0 / F2.5
  • LCD screen size: -
  • Size: 147.6 x 87 x 70mm
  • Weight: 600 gr.
  • Remarks: -

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