We gladly accept digital camera and still video camera donations to further extend our exhibition portfolio. Numerous companies, instutions and private people have donated cameras, accessoires, magazines, books or brochures. Not all of them are mentioned here, some wanted to remain anonymous. If you want to part from still video and/or digital equipment please contact me. You can find the contact form in the top left corner.

Latest donations

Orion DS-21 - Philipp Elias
Leaf Lumina - PhotoScribe Technologies

Axis NetEye 200 - Axis Communications

Vintage digital camera brochures and software - S. Whitmey
Kodak DC210A - J. Buchanan
Minolta Dimage V - S. Stiefelhorn
Canon EOS D30 - L. Carmichael
Praktica QD900 LCD - C. Müller
Sony MVC-FD81 - K. Müller
Praktica PD-100 - Dr. Baedeker
Fujifilm HC-300Z - Smithsonian Institution

We are extremely grateful to everyone who donated something to us. The donated cameras will be cleaned, tested and in case of technical issues, even repaired. They are then being photographed, inventoried and stored in a dry, dust proof environment for future safe keeping.

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