I am occassionally critized by competitors because I often don't supply reference sources on my camera pages. First of all let me say that for instance my history section is perfectly referenced. The reason why I mostly do not provide reference URLs in my camera sections is fairly simple. First of all let me assure you that I meticulously research every camera I publish. The information about the cameras comes either directly from the company's website or from press statements, reliable media sources like photo magazines, brochures and such and even from the inventors and engineers themselves. I do not copy information from private websites or dubious sources because I want my information to come from the most reliable source I can find and cross-check. So, basically all the information and dates I provide are taken from different but highly reliable sources. Posting lots of URLs in every camera page would blow the site out of proportion and making reading difficult. On the other hand I can honestly sit back and challenge each visitor to check the accuracy for him- or herself even. You will very soon find out that the information provided by me is 100% accurate. I do not rely on rumours, hear-say or gossip. You have my word on that.